Guard Dog Secure - Vacant Property Protection

 Guard Dog Secure - Opening Announcement 

Guard Dog Secure, a company which boards up vacant properties with unique metal panels rather than plywood, has announced it is operational and open for business in Bakersfield, Kern County, and Los Angeles.

The company was established by 2 property flippers who noticed a gap in the market for a cost effective home protection board-up service. After noticing vacant properties being broken into and vandalized by vagrants, the 2 owners of Guard Dog Secure looked for solutions above and beyond what traditional plywood services could offer. Having previous experience in the metal fabrication industry, the Guard Dog Secure owners created galvanized steel window & door covers which were modular, non-flammable, and robust to keep properties secure when property owners were absent.

Guard Dog Secure. Board up service Bakersfield
"We are extremely happy with the design and functionality of our products and they've been happily reviewed by the communities in which we have performed installs" said the companies owners. "Given the fact that we can reuse our panels on different installations, it gives us a huge price advantage over plywood services who have to deal with skyrocketing lumber prices."

The board up service is operating in Southern and Central California with their head office in Bakersfield.


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